February 12, 2018: Zr-89 arrives from Madison Wisconsin! Radiochemistry begins in the Boros lab. Featured: Grace (left) and Eszter (right); Some of Brett's face (far right, behind PET scanner).

February 8, 2018: Boros lab hosts SBU Chemistry Department's "Science and Snacks" series, featuring luminescent jello (left) and "dirty spulas" (right), among many more! Almost complete first ever Boros group photo captured! (Missing: Alexia, Daniel, Devondra)

December 19, 2017: The lab goes ice skating and enjoys some brews at Brewology in Port Jefferson celebrate a successful and exciting first semester at Stony Brook University!

November 22, 2017: The analytical radiochemistry, ICP and cell culture lab are complete and we are excited to order our first radioisotope shipment soon! In the meanwhile, Long Island sunsets are still on point.

Beautiful views from in and outside the SBU chemistry building during the first week of Oct 2017; our cold lab is about 90% complete and operational for chemical synthesis. The hot and ICP analysis lab is coming along nicely and hovering at 60% completion! Check back soon for more updates.