We explore the structural and chemical diversity of metal complexes paired with their versatile luminescent and radioactive properties for the design of new metal-based imaging probes and therapeutics for personalized medicine applications (cancer, infection):

  • Method development to characterize biomedically relevant coordination complexes

  • Metal-based luminescence for optical imaging applications

  • Metallo-theranostics to combat bacterial infections

  • Ligand design for theranostic isotope pairs and therapeutic nuclides

  • Metal-based chemosensors and substrate modulators, AMCs

Our lab does it all: Organic and inorganic chemical synthesis, radiochemistry methodology, in vitro bioassay development with pro- and eukaryotes and preclinical imaging in rodent models of human disease. We work closely with research groups at Stony Brook Medicine, Brookhaven National Labs, Cornell University, University of Wisconsin as well as various industry partners to develop the next generation of imaging tracers and radiotherapeutics.