February 12, 2018: Arrival of Zr-89 PET isotope from University of Wisconsin-Madison marks the official start of radiochemistry in the Boros lab!

Jan 25, 2018: First year graduate students Alexia, Apurva, Brett and Jaclyn join the Boros group officially after completion of their rotations!

Jan 8, 2018: Post-doc Grace Ahn joins the lab!

Oct 25, 2017: The lab receives approval of an R00 NIH grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

August 2017: First lab meeting of the Boros lab takes place August 28. Come join our breakfast meetings every Monday morning at 8 am in the chemistry building, room 515.

July 2017: Our work on multifunctional desferrichrome analogues as chelators for Zr(IV)-89 is published in Molecular Pharmaceutics.

June 2017: Eszter receives the first place award of the Young Investigator Symposium of the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council at the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.